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What are the race and subclass bonuses?
Humans: +5% offense bonus, Great Sword (unique offense weapon)
Elves: +5% intelligence bonus (spy offense/spy defense), Elite Archer (unique defense unit)
Goblins: +5% defense bonus, Great Bow (unique defense weapon)
Undead: casualty bonus (more information below), Berserker (unique offense unit)

Fighter: +5% offense bonus
Cleric: +5% defense bonus
Thief: +5% intelligence bonus (spy defense and spy offense)
Assassin: +5% income bonus

What is the undead casualty bonus?
During any battle, undead armies can "raise" some of their own casualties to become untrained citizens for their population. This can happen whether the undead army is attacking or defending, and it happens automatically if there were enough casualties during the battle.

What are turns for? Is there a way to get more turns?
Turns are for attacking ONLY. Everyone gets 2 turns every 30 minutes, and there is NO way to get more turns. Turns cannot be bought, sold, or used in any other way.

Is it possible to move my level points around after I spend them?
No, it is not possible, so choose carefully.

How is overall rank calculated?
Overall rank is mainly based on your level, offense, defense, spy and sentry ratings. It also takes into account a few other stats, such as trained units, battle upgrades, and armory items.

How do banking deposits work?
The deposit function of the bank allows you to place up to 80% of your on-hand gold into secure storage. You can do this a number of times per day determined by your current level of Mining upgrade. Each time you deposit an amount of money, you use up one of these "deposit points", and do not get a replacement "point" for 24 hours.

Thus, if you have 3 deposit points and you banked today at 1PM, 5PM, and 10PM, then you will get back three deposit points tomorrow one by one at 1PM, 5PM, and 10PM.

What is Dark Throne time? Why can't I change it to match my local time?
Dark Throne time is the official time of Dark Throne, and matches GMT -5, or US Eastern time. Everyone receives their new daily citizens at 0:00 DTT. The idea is that it's the same for everyone-- you can use it to arrange meetings with other players in different time zones.

Where can I read the rules of the game?
There is a link to the rules at the bottom of every game page, under the Lazarus Software logo.

I am trying to change my avatar. Why doesn’t the new one show up?
You must wait for an admin to approve your avatar, and then it will show up on your profile. This usually takes less than 48 hours. If it has been denied, you will receive an in-game PM about it.

Can I change my in-game name?
You can’t change it right now, but we MAY add that feature sometime after the initial launch of the game.

I am trying to make a change that requires email confirmation (such as resetting my account or disbanding an alliance), but I never got the email. What should I do?
Make sure your mail server isn’t filtering it into a spam or bulk mail folder. Then try asking for another one to be sent to you. If it still doesn’t work, ask for help in the Technical Support forum.

I signed up for Dark Throne using an email address that I can’t access anymore. How do I change it to my new email address?
You can’t change it at the moment, but you can still play by logging in with your old email. There are only a few things you need a valid email for, such as disbanding an alliance or resetting your account. If you need to do one of those things, you will just have to wait until this feature is added to the game.

How many accounts am I allowed to have?
Each player is allowed to have ONE account. You should not share your account with anyone else, or log into anyone else’s account when they are not there.

I want to start over. How can I reset my account?
Log in to your account and go to Main -> Settings. Near the bottom of the page, look for a “Reset” button. You will be taken to a confirmation page with further information.

I am going on vacation. Is there a way to freeze my account while I am gone?
Yes, you can go into vacation mode (Main->Settings, near the bottom of the page).

Details of vacation mode:
  • Other players cannot attack you or perform spy missions on you
  • You will not receive new turns, turn-based gold, or citizens
  • You must stay in vacation mode a minimum of 7 days
  • You can only enter vacation mode once every 120 days
I want to quit the game. How do I delete my account?
You can’t delete it, but just stop logging in. After 1-2 months of non-use, it will be removed from the game. If you want it removed right away, reset the account, then don’t log in anymore.

HELP! Someone logged into my account without my permission!
If you believe someone has logged into your account without your permission, send a PM to LakerFan, either in the forums or the in-game messaging system.

When someone’s account gets accessed without their permission, it is usually due to one of these reasons:

  • The player forgot to log out after playing from a public computer
  • The player “shared” his/her account with someone he/she thought could be trusted
  • The player used a password that was very easy to guess
  • The player used the same password and email address on another site that wasn’t as secure as this one
  • The player's computer had spyware, keyloggers, or some other malicious program running without their knowledge
You can keep your account safer by avoiding all of those situations. Note that even we do not know your password, and thus it is almost impossible to "hack" your account. Almost all incidences of "hacking" reported are due to one of the above reasons.

I want to reset my account in Beta. Will it affect my Omega account?
No. All versions of DT are completely seperate from each other, and any actions taken in one version will have absolutely no effect in any of the others.

I trained some citizens by accident. Can I untrain them?
All of the regular unit types can be untrained. Upgraded units (knights/archers) and race-specific units (beserkers/elite archers) CANNOT be untrained. For those types, the only way to get rid of them is to get them killed (such as battle casualties or assassinations).

How do I get more citizens?
The main ways of getting more citizens are through recruiting, housing, and mercenaries. You can also get your friends or family to give you up to 25 citizens per day by clicking your external recruiting link.
When do I get new citizens each day?
New citizens from housing and mercenary camps arrive at 0:00 DT time, or shortly afterwards. Citizens from the in-game recruiter arrive throughout the day, depending on when your link is clicked by other players.

What are mercenaries? Do they have any special abilities?
Mercenaries are extra troops you can hire each day. They do not have any special abilities compared to your other trained citizens, but they are already trained when you hire them. Once they are hired, they are mixed in with the rest of your troops.

What stat bonus does a single troop provide?
Soldier: +5 Offense (1,500 Gold)
Knight: +50 Offense (10,000 Gold; from Soldier)
Berserker: +75 Offense (12,500 Gold; from Soldier)

Guard: +5 Defense (1,500 Gold)
Archer: +50 Defense (10,000 Gold; from Guard)
Elite Archer: +75 Defense (12,500 Gold; from Guard)

Spy: +10 Spy Offense (2,500 Gold)
Veteran Spy: +30 Spy Offense (10,000 Gold; from Spy)

Sentry: +10 Spy Defense (2,500 Gold)
Sentinel: +30 Spy Defense (10,000 Gold; from Sentry)

Note - these values are before any percentage bonuses from proficiency points or structural upgrades are applied.

Can all troops use all weapons?
Yes… well, almost. Any of the offensive troops can use any of the offensive equipment, and same with defensive troops and defensive equipment, spies and spy equipment, sentries and sentry equipment.

I bought some items from the armory, but the rating on my Members page did not go up. What could be the problem?
Make sure you have enough troops trained for the equipment. Each person in your army can only use 1 item of each type. In other words, an offensive troop can use 1 weapon, 1 helm, 1 suit of armor, 1 pair of boots, and 1 set of bracers.

Example: If you had 3 long swords but only 1 soldier, only 1 of the long swords will be used. You need to train 2 more soldiers.

What if I have more items than troops? Which items will be used, and what happens to the unused equipment?
If you have different items of the same type, the best equipment will be used first. The lesser equipment is kept in storage (does not add to your rating) until you train more troops to use it.

Example: If you bought a battle axe and a long sword but only had 1 soldier, the long sword would be used and the battle axe would not. (But if you had 3 soldiers instead of 1, the third soldier would still go into battle, unarmed!)

Why does charisma make selling prices in the armory go down?
This is simply done for game balance reasons. This is also why charisma does not change prices outside of the armory. If you don’t like how charisma works, you can spend your level points on any of the other stats.

If I was over level 100 and put ALL my proficiency points into charisma, would I start getting items for free, or even get money for using the armory?
That would be nice, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, you can only put a maximum of 70 points into any single proficiency.

I bought a structure upgrade, but the bonus I received was less than what I calculated it should be. Is this a bug?
Probably not. A common mistake is to apply the new percentage bonus directly to the number on the Members page. But the number on the Members page includes any other percentage bonuses you may have, such as from your race, subclass, or level points you may have spent on that stat.

Instead, what you need to do is remove ALL the bonuses from that Members page number first, giving you the base amount. Then re-apply all the bonuses to the base amount, but replace the old structure bonus with the new one.

It says I need to have a Citadel before I can buy Steeds or Guard Towers. How do I get a Citadel?
The citadel is a fortification upgrade that becomes available at level 23, after you have completed all the other fort upgrades leading up to it.

It says I need "Outpost Level 2" before I can upgrade my Offense/Spy/Mining structure. How do I get that?
Again, it is one of the fortification upgrades, available to you at level 11.

Is there a place that lists all the upgrades in the game?
There isn’t an official listing, because it is for players to discover. There isn't an official listing, because it is for players to discover. The current player-maintained list can be found on the forums here:

I was attacked by someone who isn’t within 5 levels of me. How is that possible?
Mostly likely, the person WAS within 5 levels of you when they attacked. You can check the top of the defense log to find out their level during the time of the attack.

If they are higher than 5 levels of you now, they probably “power leveled” – this means they saved up many turns, spent them at once and gained many levels.

If they are lower than 5 levels of you, they probably reset their account after attacking you.

During a battle, why isn't my attack or defense the same as the number shown on my Members page?
Your actual damage can be up to 2.5% higher or lower than the number on your Members page, due to a random factor that is added during each battle.

To be perfectly safe, you should only attack players whose defense is at least 5% lower than your offense-- just in case your opponent gets the highest possible defense and you get the lowest possible offense during the battle.

Someone named "Unknown" performed a spy mission against me and failed, but I can't click on the name to go to their profile. Is it a bug?
No, it's not a bug. It means that some enemy spies succeeded in their mission against you, and got away without getting caught. In other words, YOUR sentries failed to defend against the spy attack. To prevent it from happening again, you need to raise your spy defense.

My fortification is damaged, but no one has attacked me. What happened?
Your base was probably infiltrated by enemy spies. Check your War History to see if there are any Infiltration attempts logged.

I performed a spy mission on someone whose spy defense was lower than my spy offense, but I still failed the mission! What happened?
For all three types of spy missions, the risk, and reward, increases with the number of spies that you send. Also, assassinations and infiltrations are notably more difficult than basic spying. You will need to experiment with different targets and numbers of spies to figure out exactly what the limits are.

What happens when my fortification health is low or at 0?
When your fortification health is low, miners and sentries get killed when you are attacked and lose. When its health reaches 0, you will lose a LOT of miners and sentries each time.

Is it possible to die in this game? Is there a way to kill another player?
No, this is not the kind of game where someone spends months building up an account, only to have it completely destroyed overnight. In the worst case, someone’s fort is reduced to 0 hit points and all of their troops are killed. This could seriously set them back, but they can still start again by clicking the recruiter to get some new citizens to train.

Why are the gold transfer limits set so low?
The current limits were purposely set low so that we could test the feature and see how players would use it. In Omega (and thus probably in gold), players will be able to raise their transfer limits by upgrading their mine.

Someone said they transferred gold to me, but I didn’t receive it.
Gold is transferred from one player’s bank to the other. So, the gold is probably waiting for you in your bank. You could also check your transfer log (from the Bank page) to see if the transaction was logged.

What is recruiting? Why should I use it?
Recruiting is a way to gain extra citizens and gold for your account.
There are two kinds of recruiting: in-game recruiting and external recruiting.

What is in-game recruiting?
In-game recruiting lets you exchange clicks with other Dark Throne players. The in-game recruiter is called the Dark Recruiter, and can be found by going to Community -> Recruiter.

You can click the recruiter up to 350 times every day, and receive 250 clicks back each day. Every time you click, you get 1 credit; and every time someone clicks you, one of those credits is exchanged for 1 citizen and 250 gold. (The extra 100 credits are saved up and used automatically on the days when you don’t click.)

I clicked 350 times today but did not receive any citizens or gold yet. Is something wrong?
Not necessarily. You don’t receive the citizens and gold until your link gets clicked by other people. This doesn’t always happen right away.

Is autoclicking cheating? What happens if I get caught using an autoclicker?
Yes, autoclicking is illegal and will result in the suspension of your account. The rules clearly state that you cannot use any automated programs in Dark Throne.

Are other recruiters illegal?
No outside recruiters are officially supported. Some players do use a recruiter for the 25 clicks allowed outside of the official recruiter, but these are used at your own risk. If the outside recruiters are in violation of any of the rules, players using them will be suspended.

How does external recruiting work?
Give your unique link to your friends or family members (found at the top of your Members page) and ask them to click it once every day. For each click, you receive 1 citizen and 250 gold. In addition, you get an extra bonus for each person who signs up for an account through your recruit link.

Someone registered for an account using my link, but I didn’t get the reward. What should I do?
Unfortunately, due to abuse of the feature, the referral bonus is currently disabled.

What is an alliance? Why should I join or start one?
An alliance is a group you can form with other players in the game. There are many reasons that players participate in alliances, and each alliance is a little different depending on its leaders and members. Joining an alliance can be a great way to socialize, roleplay, and share information and strategies about the game. We will be adding more features to the alliance system later in beta.

How many alliances can I be in at one time?
The current limit is three. This may change later when the new alliance features are introduced.

How do I join an alliance?
In order to join an alliance, you must be invited by someone in the alliance who has permission to invite new members. If you don't know any members, search for the alliance on the "Alliance Listing" page, and send a PM (private message) to the leader to ask for an invite. Some alliances have requirements you must meet in order to join.

How do I find a good alliance to join?
There is a section of the forums for alliance recruiting and discussion. You can read through some of the threads posted there to find an active alliance to join. You can also visit the Rankings page to find out which are the most highly ranked alliances by population or level.

Sometimes members of alliances will send out invites to players they think might be interested. If you do not want to receive any alliance invites, you can disable the feature on the "Settings" page.

What are the medals for? How do I get them?
So far, medals have been awarded to show which version(s) of Dark Throne someone has participated in, and for donating in our holiday charity drive. In the gold version of the game, players will be able to get more medals by completing certain goals or events.

Which medals can players get now?
These are all the medals that have been available so far:

MedalWho has one

Alpha medal
Players who participated in the Alpha version of Dark Throne (no longer available).

Beta medal
Players participating in the Beta version of Dark Throne.

Omega medal
Players participating in the Omega version of Dark Throne.

Charity medals
Players who donated in the Children's Hospital Charity Drive, during the 2004-05 holiday season. The different color show the amount the player donated.

What are the different versions of Dark Throne?
These are all the versions of Dark Throne:
Name Description
Alpha The first public test version of Dark Throne; no longer running.
Beta What you are playing right now. :)
Omega The latest public test version of Dark Throne currently running, restricted to those DT players who have reached at least lvl 20 in Beta or have been playing since Alpha. Important changes to the DT code are tested in Omega and the majority of development feedback is given on the Omega forums.
Build 2 The latest DT test, currently in a closed testing phase.
Gold The finished (non-test) version of Dark Throne; will be released when all the testing is complete.

Alpha, Beta, and Omega are all test versions of Dark Throne, and not the actual game. All of these test versions help us make sure that the final version will be as bug-free, stable, and efficient as possible. We also want to make sure the gameplay is balanced and fun for a wide range of players.

What are the requirements for joining the Omega test?
To join the Omega test, you must be at least level 20 in Beta or have an Alpha medal on your profile.

I didn't pre-register for the Omega test but I want to sign up now. Can I still get in?
Yes. As long as you meet the requirements, you can play by going to or

If you have trouble signing up, try If that doesn't work, post in the Tech Support forums and ask for help.

What are the new features for the Omega test?
When you get into the Omega test, check out the news page and you can see a list of updates and changes. Due to extensive revision, not all parts of the test are completely functional (eg. Alliances).

Over the course of the test, we will introduce new features that will be in Gold as well as our new version of the alliance system. There is no set ETA on when these features will go in. It all depends on how many Omega bugs we have to fix.

Why did you put in so many changes into Omega? I really like the Beta version.
As fun as the Beta version may be, there are features in there that are either not balanced or not finished. Remember you are only looking at 50% or so of the planned game when you are playing Beta.

For Omega and Gold we want to make a game that is easy to grasp at the beginning, but expands over time so that people who are playing for months and months do not get bored. We need to make a game that gives you enough strategies to use in the game but that does not allow a certain type of player or race to exploit the game system to get ahead. To achieve all of this takes time.

Remember that Omega is just another test phase. Things will definitely be changed and tweaked over the course of the test, so if there is something unbalanced or buggy about the game do not worry. Just post a detailed report about it in the Omega forums. The staff is always around looking at the newest suggestions and reported bugs.

Where can I find out more about the new Omega test?
Watch the News page for updates as we get closer to the launch of Omega. There is also an Omega FAQ posted in the General Discussion area of the forums.

Will there still be new updates to Beta even after Omega has started?
Yes, a good amount of features will still be tested in Beta before they make it to Gold. The Omega test is meant for experienced players that are looking for a much more balanced version of the game, and would like to check out the new code so they can give us bug reports and feedback.

Will my Beta account be carried over to Gold?
Yes, all of the Beta accounts will be transferred over to Gold automatically. So if you have a Beta account, you will not need to sign up again in Gold.

When will the Gold version start?
Don't even bother asking. :) There is NO SET DATE for the start of Gold. We have no publisher deadlines to meet, and we are not interested in rushing our final product. It all depends on the feedback and bug reports we get from these test phases. When we are 100 percent happy with everything and ready to move on, we will let players know.

Will I be still be able to play the Gold version for free?
Yes, Dark Throne will still be free to play after the gold version begins.

What should I do when I first join the forums?
Read through the “sticky” threads at the top of each forum section. They have rules and tips to help keep the forums enjoyable for everyone. Also, learn how to use the Search feature at the top of the forums. If you have a question about the game, chances are, someone else has wondered the same thing before.

Why did my topic get closed or deleted?
Admins and mods may moderate threads and posts for different reasons, such as:
  • The thread/post contains language or content that breaks any of the forum rules.
  • There’s already another thread talking about the same subject.
  • A mod/admin feels that the thread does not belong on the forums for some reason.
If you don’t know why your thread or post was deleted, send a PM to one of the forum leaders to ask. Also, you should check other sections of the forums. Sometimes, threads will be moved if they were posted in the wrong section.

What is flaming? Is it allowed?
Flaming is when you insult another player or call them names. This is NOT allowed. Please be respectful of other forum users, or risk losing your forum privileges.

What else isn’t allowed on the forums?
Advertising, offensive language, posting recruit links, spamming, and pornography are some other things that aren’t allowed. Check the global forum rules for a complete listing of all the rules and what they mean.

How do I change my forum avatar, signature, or title?
Look for a button at the top of every page that says "User CP". You can change your avatar (the picture under your name when you post messages) by clicking on "User CP" at the top of the forum page, then "Edit Options". Near the bottom of the Edit Options page is a button you can click to change your avatar.

I registered for a forum account, but I can't post any messages. Why not?
The most common reason is you did not complete the email confirmation. You can use this page to ask for another confirmation email to be sent to you. Make sure your email server is not blocking or filtering the message as possible spam.

I have a question about how to play the game. Where should I ask?
First, make sure your question isn't already answered above. :)

If it truly hasn't been answered, then sign up for a forum account and ask in the Beginners section. You may also be able to find the answer by reading the "sticky" threads at the top of the Beginners forum or searching for the answer.

I am having a technical issue or a problem with my account. Where can I get support for my problem?
Post in the Technical Support forum. Be as specific as you can, but do not include any personal information such as your account password.

I know someone who’s cheating. Where can I report it?
Send a PM to LakerFan with complete information about what you found, and we will look into it. Do NOT start a thread about it in the forums.

I sent a PM to an admin. Why didn’t they reply yet?
The admins receive many messages from players every day. They are not always able to respond to every single message right away. If your question was about gameplay or general rules, you might get a faster response by asking in the Beginners section of the forum.

I got a PM from someone who said they were an admin. How can I be sure this person really is one?
Check his or her in-game profile. If it really is an admin's account, it will say “and is a Dark Throne Administrator” at the top under their name. (Hint: real admins will never ask you for your password, so never tell it to anyone who asks for it!)

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